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10 Foods ( Sensible Tips ) to Lose 10 Kilos in Record Time

10 Foods ( Sensible Tips ) to Lose 10 Kilos in Record Time

The most important thing when it comes to following a diet is motivation. There are several tricks to make the regime does not become your worst nightmare. One of them is to carry it out with other people to not feel alone or see how others can afford certain foods. Another trick that can help you is to start eating on smaller plates, this way you see the plate full (which psychologically helps you feel satiated) but you eat less (there are studies that say that you eat up to 20% less quantity).

And, of course, It Will Also Help You Learn the List of Less Caloric Foods to Incorporate Into Your Diet.

Eat More Meal foods

But there are more tricks. In fact, more than tricks, they are habits that will help you to lose weight. If you change your habits, you will gradually change your diet and lose weight naturally. You should take your time and be patient to adopt a balanced diet, otherwise, begin to appear nutritional deficiencies and downturns that will make you fall into old habits. So, do not be in a hurry, and take note of these tips that will be very useful when it comes to diet. Do you want to lose 10 kilos? It’s possible!

1. Do not Hesitate to Consult a Dietitian

The best thing to consider when losing 10 kilos is to resort to the help of a professional, to guide you not only nutritional but also motivational. If not, chances are you will not get rid of those pounds in the long run and safely. It is important that a professional tells you about your ideal weight and that you see different options to achieve it without suffering. In this sense, it is very important not so much to be on a diet as to learn how to eat healthily: incorporating all kinds of food into your diet, eating slowly and chewing well and a long but simple etc. Here are 50 tricks to reach your ideal weight.

2. Say Goodbye to The Pastries and Charcuterie

There are no magic formulas, to lose weight you have to put limits and say goodbye to some too fatty foods and sweets. This means that you should say goodbye, at least for the moment, to industrial bakery, potato chip bags or charcuterie. Once you get your ideal weight, you can eat it by compensating for its calories in other lighter foods, but until then, you better opt for healthier options. If you think you’re going to miss the scones, think about their composition: is there really nothing healthier that you want to eat?

Regarding fats, you do not have to include it in your list of forbidden foods, but do know what are good and bad. For example, polyunsaturated (present, especially in blue fish) or monounsaturated (present in avocado or olive oil) are good for the heart and are therefore allowed in a balanced diet as long as they are eaten with moderation. So yes, we can continue dressing the salad with a spoonful of olive oil. Take a look at these healthy cooking ideas … You are sure to be of much help in achieving your goals.

3. Check The Refrigerator

The essential thing of the regime is not to eat anything and to have on hand only balanced foods. Before you begin, get rid of pastries, calorie sauces (yes, goodbye mayonnaise at the moment) and chocolate ice creams, as they are only unnecessary temptations. Make lists of menus or foods allowed and try to respect them. Above all, never do the shopping on an empty stomach or you will throw yourself on any temptation.

It welcomes the spices in your recipes, the turkey and the chicken, the fruits and the vegetables. To lose weight you will have to sacrifice yourself a little at first, but that does not mean giving up the taste. There are many healthy and delicious recipes! Always have pickles, carrots, yogurts 0% and fruit to get it in snacks and moments of great hunger.

4. Introduce The Fish in Your Life

Fish is the ideal component of all diets, so it is considered a beneficial food. It has low calories, contains Omega 3 and combines very well with vegetables. As for variety, there is plenty to choose from: salmon, tuna, whiting, emperor and a myriad of other species. Always opt for white varieties rather than blue ones, as they are less caloric. And yes, the battered fish is totally excluded from the diet if you want to lose 10 kilos.

Calories Salmon: 200 Kcal per 100 grams

In addition to fish, there are many more foods that will help you lose weight and have numerous nutrients and benefits. These are superfoods, and if you want to venture into this wonderful world, do not miss this selection.

5. Do not Skip Meals And Enjoy Them

When you start a diet, there is a tendency to overdo it, but the biggest mistake you can make is to skip meals. In fact, skipping a meal does not only encourage you to eat more in the next or to snack, but the body is on alert and will store more energy during the next shot. It is best to divide them: breakfast, lunch and dinner and add two light consumption’s between them.

And another important point: chew the food well. Sit in front of your plate with the TV off. Look what you are going to eat and do it little by little. Do not eat. Before eating think about something or someone that makes you happy and concentrate on savoring the food. Many times we devoured the food and did not even enjoy it. Stop eating with anxiety and start to eat aware of what is on your plate, is not going anywhere, so eat slowly!

6. Respect The Rule of The Food Pyramid

When it comes to losing weight, you have to respect a very simple principle: eat well at breakfast and at lunch and light at night. Everything is due to a very simple reason, in the morning and at noon the body needs energy, while at night only stores so if you stick a binge, it will be much harder to burn. In addition, a light dinner favors sleep.

What Sport is The Most With You?

mild changes foods

7. Sport is The Best Complement For a Good Diet

It is often the most complicated stage or at least the hardest to overcome. But the hardest thing is to get to it, so get to work! All means are good for exercise, from going up and down stairs, to walking or swimming. There is only one word allowed: move! In addition, it is a safe and effective way to accelerate the metabolism, which will also help you in your goal.

The idea is to spend 2 to 3 hours a week doing sports, but you can split them and convert them in 20-30 minutes a day, it also works. If you are still not convinced, here we leave a test to find out what your ideal sport.

8. Pay Attention to Drinks Too

Alcohol seems harmless, but it contains a lot of sugar, so it seriously limits your consumption if you want to achieve your goal. Conventional gas drinks are also banned because of their high sugar content. So you can consume them in their light format, but in moderation. Too much consumption could cause gas or stomach pain so what’s the best option? You’re right: the water.

Drinking water is essential if you want to lose weight. It will help you in a thousand different ways. For example, when you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water and listen to your body: many times hunger fades because you were simply thirsty and your body identified it as hungry. Water, in addition, helps you to be satiated before at meals, makes you urinate more and therefore decrease fluid retention and, a lot etc.

9. Enjoy Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetable is usually one of the foods we can consume in the amount we want in the diet. In addition to being satisfied, it contributes few calories and lots of fiber and vitamins. However, with some fruits you do have to be careful. You have to eat 2 or 3 pieces a day, in various forms, but no more, because although they are great to maintain our line, some contain sugar or are very caloric, such as banana, coconut or avocado.

10. Do Not Rely on Light Products

The 0% products are good as a claim, but you have to be careful. Look at the labels, because you’ll have some surprise: few sugars but a lot of fat added, or vice versa. Today we find all kinds of light products or “low fat”, but it is a bit naive to believe that by abusing them we will lose weight. Many times they have the same calories or more than their non-light brothers!

Miracles Do Not Exist!

In short, to lose weight, rather than having a lot of knowledge about diets, you have to have some basic notions about nutrition. You must know that miracles do not exist and that to lose weight you simply have to take care of what you eat so that you eat fewer calories than you spend. For this, in addition to a balanced diet with some fairly logical restrictions (avoiding fried and saturated fats), a little patience and moderation in the dishes (it is useless to eat only chicken, fruits or vegetables if you do in huge quantities) , A little sport will be fundamental to achieve your goals. Here is a list of 50 sports that will help you. You’re sure to find yours!

Special training techniques

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