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The 10 Tips to Reduce Fat and Lose Weight (Part One)

The 10 Tips to Reduce Fat and Lose Weight (Part One)

The worst part of every diet and exercise routine is when it stops working. There comes a point where you cannot seem to lose more weight and you feel stuck. Delays are the worst, especially when you find yourself working hard in the gym and in the kitchen to lose weight. You’re doing everything right but it does not seem to work. You are exercising several times a week, you are eating healthy, and you are doing cardio. What else can you do? Here are 10 tips that will help you reduce fat and lose weight. This is a two-part article; try to read the second to lose even more weight. In just weeks you will see a change in your body. Of course, if you follow these tips.


To lose weight and fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. This is the first thing to know when starting a diet: to lose weight you need fewer calories, to increase you need more. It’s simple, it consumes fewer calories than you burn per day. However, sometimes we do not realize how much we get in or how much we burn. The alternative would be to reduce your calories by 500 a day to lose one pound per week.


If you feel stuck and you cannot see results even when you find yourself training then leave that treadmill behind and replace it with high intensity interval training. At HIIT (as it is known) you burn more fat and calories therefore you lose more weight. The advice would be to add to your routine one or two days of HIIT. You will see the results almost immediately.


Protein is essential in order to lose weight. First and foremost, it helps maintain and develop your muscles during a calorie deficit. Second, it keeps you full which prevent you from eating more. Third, increase the calories you burn in the day. In short, it is a complete and vitally necessary tool to lose weight.

In the following article we will let you know the seven other tips that are needed. Stay tuned for that article and applies what you learned.

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