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5 Tips To Make Get Shiny Hair Like Never Before

5 Tips To Get Your Shiny Hair Like Never Before

Do You Want to Get a Dazzlingly Shiny Hair? Then, Continue Reading & Discover The Five Tips We Give You To Get It.

A Beautiful Shiny Hair, which reflects the light, is the dream of most women. Not only does it look more beautiful and more alive than a dull one, it is also very attractive. Then you will find the five tips that will make your dream come true!

The Important Thing is The Surface of The Hair

Shiny Hair

It is very simple: the smoother the surface of the hair, the more it will shine, because the light reflects much better. The capillary surface is arranged in flakes. All you need to get shiny hair is to work the hair fiber and smooth the surface as much as possible.

It does not look too complicated, does it? Just be careful with everything that robs our hair of shine. Using inappropriate products can cause great damage to the hair and leave it rough and opaque. You also have to know that, by nature, curly hair and blond tend to shine rather little, as the hair cuticle is more rough.

But calm, it does not matter that you are blonde or that your hair is straight or curly; With our five tricks, any hair will look like the famous ones!

1. Take Care, Care & Care!

The most important step for a brilliant hair is to pamper and take care of it to the maximum, never enough! We know that there are many reasons why hair can lose shine. Two of them are lack of moisture and protein, which are a constant problem but very easy solution.

Artificial hair coloring, as well as styling devices that use heat – such as hair dryers, irons and hair tongs – steal moisture and protein from the hair, which is essential to grow strong and healthy. Perform a moisturizing treatment once or twice a week, letting the product act for at least half an hour, repair the damage of the capillary surface with protective substances – such as oils, proteins and keratin – and smooth the cuticle. For extra care, apply some oil or spray treatment, which does not need rinsing.

2. Dry Properly

Taking good care of the hair is not the only thing that brings shine, we must also learn to dry it properly. It is essential that you let the hair dry a little outdoors before using the dryer or that you remove the moisture first with a towel, avoid using the dryer with totally wet hair! Then dry the hair so that the air stream runs from the root to the tips. That way you get the cuticle of the hair surface closed and your hair shine more.

The brush with which we combed also has its gap between the things to which we must pay attention. One that has natural hair bristles, such as wild boar, will give extra hair shine, because it slides better and more gently and carefully. To finish, we recommend applying with cold air dryer to close the cuticle more.

The iron gives a sensational shine to the hair, but also spoils it a lot. It is advisable to use it just like any other appliance that gives off heat; The temperature must be the lowest possible and you always have to use some type of capillary against the heat.

3. A High Gloss After Each Wash

If you want your hair to shine without too much effort, start by choosing the right products. For hair to shine, it is essential to use a shampoo for the type of hair in question, whether it is dry, damaged, fine …

If you are one of those who have a normal hair and that hardly gives problems, you can decanter for shine that shine. Not only do they take great care of hair, they also contain tiny shiny particles that make the light reflect like a mirror.

The most important step when washing the hair is the conditioner, since the conditioner seals the surface of the hair. Without the conditioner the hair will not shine as much as it could!

4. Pamper Your Hair

If you like to have silky and shiny hair, you have to treat it well. Even if you do not believe it, the hair is a reflection of how you treat it! We recommend to take special care when drying the hair with the towel, because if you rub the hair hard to remove moisture, all you do is open the cuticle and subtract the shine.

Instead, take the towel and press tuft by tuft from the root to the tips. At the time of combing, be very careful and use a comb of thick prongs or a entangling brush. Wet hair is very delicate and easily damaged!

5. Healthy Feed For Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

Just as you can take care of your hair from the outside, you can also do it from the inside. How? Following a healthy and balanced diet! What we ingest influences the internal structure of the hair and, therefore, its brightness. It is said that the state of the hair is a reflection of the general state in which we are. If we feel bad and low, it shows in the hair.

A balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids is vital for our hair, as these substances act as a cure from the inside. It is also important to sleep the recommended hours and be relaxed. The stress causes, in the long run, that the hair becomes brittle and opaque.

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