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6 Curiosities About Foods That You Might Not Know

From what foods would help you survive on a desert island to why we have preferences for certain flavors since we were born. We tell you six aspects about food that will surprise you. Do not miss it!

You probably already read a lot about nutrition. You’ve tried different diets and you know the basic rules for healthy eating. But let’s try to surprise you. The book Feeding is the issue, 42 keys to eating intelligently, includes data and conclusions from different studies on food that you may not know. Its authors argue that not all healthy eating tips are suitable for all people. That’s why, in your book.You’ve collected food trivia that can help you understand why you eat what you eat and how you can change it if necessary. Every person is a world! Here, we leave you some of the most striking.

6 Curiosities About Foods That You Might Not Know

1. Do we have a favorite dish before coming to the world?

Although it may seem strange, the truth is that the taste memory begins to form from the womb. During pregnancy, the fetus receives the aromas influenced by the habits and tastes of the mother. Before, even, we see and hear, taste and smell. “At the end of the second month of pregnancy, the taste buds form, and at week 12 the fetus begins to swallow. In the last trimester (…) the sucking habit adapts even to the taste of amniotic flowing,” indicating in Feeding is the main question here?

Therefore, prenatal taste experiences do influence our future tastes. In fact, a study by an American biologist, Julie Mennella, showed this from the inclusion of carrots in the diet of pregnant or lactating women compared to others who did not. When infants were able to incorporate solid foods, they were given a porridge of porridge cooked sometimes with carrot juice and some with water. The result was that those who already knew the taste of them showed less negative gestures than those who didn’t Make.  The conclusion? “The healthier & more varied the feeding of pregnant and lactating mothers, the more open to flavors and the less complicated the children are with food.”

2. What food would you survive on a desert island?

In the book, they talk about the question posed by the psychologist Paul Rozin a few years ago. What food (other than water) would you take to a desert island if you were to spend a year there? The choices were: corn, alfalfa sprouts, hot dogs, spinach, peaches, bananas or milk chocolate. Most respondents chose healthy foods and avoided hot dogs and milk chocolate, which only chose 7%. The funny thing is that these foods are the ones that would most ensure survival on the island thanks to their fats and carbohydrates.

This shows that at present we tend to categorize foods automatically and believe that fat is poison. “Fats are absolutely essential for survival. Another thing is that not all are the same and must be differentiated,” they explain in the book.

3. What does our predilection for a spicy dish say about us?

A study on chili and chili consumption, evaluated by Paul Rozin and Deborah Schiller of the University of Pennsylvania, shows that the preference for the spicy does have something to say about our personality. “Spicy means pain,” they say in the book. This is because of the ingredient of chili, capsaicin, reaches the recipients of tongue pain. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people try to avoid this flavor.

However, there are others who experience some of the consequences of eating spicy food (sweating, burning, tearing …) enjoy. Actually, the heat we feel is not real, it does not burn us. Rozin compares the situation with the taste for horror films, with which we feel real fear, but we know that nothing can happen to us. Spice lovers, those who enjoy these sensations are often “To open further new experiences, love to take risks, are eager for variety, strong emotions, and adventures.”

4. Does the waiter’s weight affect the menu choice?

Incredible as it may seem, it is. A study that was performed at sixty different American restaurants showed that the greater the waiter’s body mass index (BMI). The more food customers asked for, regardless of their weight. In addition, it was clear that if the person serving was obese, there was more chance that diners would order alcoholic beverages or desserts. Simply, the Social behavior is the reason? A man who serves us is delicate, “it would be bad conscience personified.” Something similar happens with the behavior of those who accompany us at the table, we tend to adapt automatically to the habits of the rest, which can be beneficial or harmful.

5. Does the color of the dishes influence what you eat?

According to a study by neuro gastronomic specialists at Oxford University, yes. Apparently, if the food is served on red plates, it reduces hunger by the diners. This is because we associate red with danger, examples of which are the prohibition signs in this color or fire extinguishers.

Another study that also supports this is the one that was made in El Bulli when serving the strawberry mousse in black or white dishes. The one that was served on white was much more successful among the participants. Who said that its flavor was more intense than those that took it in black plate. Being the same mousse, the red-white color combination was much more promising.

6. Are sleep and Foods related?

The answer is yes. In fact, the quality of food influences the quality of sleep and vice versa Or put another way. We can not eat well if we do not get enough sleep and we can not sleep well if we do not eat properly. That is, if before you go to sleep you eat a copious dinner, you will spend the night going around. Even if you get to sleep, the rest will not be adequate. On the other hand, the lack of sleep causes hunger and worsens self-control. So it will be much easier to overeat. Conclusion? We must take care of both aspects.

What do you think? In Food is the question you will find many other curiosities. And if you want to continue learning about food. You can take a look at the selection of books that we leave below.

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