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Who are we?

  • illcure.org is your reliable source of information about medicines and dietary supplements.
  • illcure.org is a leading worldwide with opinions on medicines and dietary supplements.
  • We are 100% Public Interest Project and at the same time the first such comparator in the US…

You will find the latest promotions, tips, articles about a healthy lifestyle, information about drug dosage, possible adverse effects, availability, use but most importantly, you will find here opinions about medicines and dietary supplements, collected based on the statements of their users.

You will find here above:

Our Mission.

Our service was created to help all those who in today’s fast-growing world have more and more problems with health, so they have to use various supplements but do not want to risk buying them in the dark.

Unfortunately, supplement manufacturers often bend reality or use social engineering techniques to suggest things that have no right to exist. To meet all those who want to learn more about a given supplement before buying, we have created a start-up illcure.org, whose task is to collect various opinions of users regarding supplements and then, on their basis, recommending the best Results from particular categories to visitors.

Why are we the best?

illcure.org is a place created by you!

Recommendations available on our website are opinions of people who write on the basis of their experience, and there is no more valuable and reliable source of information, like the opinion of a real customer. In addition, each logged-in user can add their opinion, description or picture of the Article.

We present real opinions about medicines, we show the truth about their composition and operation, and we explain the advertising fiction that pharmaceutical companies are feeding us.

Evaluation Criteria

illcure.org Service is co-created by users, who can share their experiences and opinions regarding the use of dietary supplements, OTC drugs, and other products on the site. Each visitor can choose the product that interests him and adds his own opinion.

The biggest advantage of such a system of collecting opinions is the ability to read the statements of other users about whether a given product is really effective and whether it is worth buying. There is no more valuable and reliable source of information, like the opinion of a real customer.

Although we make every effort to ensure that opinions posted on our website are 100% reliable, we are not always able to verify the author of the statement. In order to make our readers sensitive to the possibility of opinions added by cheaters or unfair competition, we encourage you to read the leaflet or consult your doctor or pharmacist before buying a medicine or dietary supplement.


We are not an online store, we do not sell medicines and supplements on our website.

We try to add all the information about Diseases, Research, Virus, Health Opinions etc. However, it may happen that some of the information will be incomplete. Therefore, first of all, we encourage you to read the leaflet or consult your doctor or pharmacist.

We are developing for you!

Our site is still in Beta phase but it is developing very dynamically. We strive to systematically bring all improvements and improvements so that this place will be even more enjoyable for you. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Team ill Cure