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The Best Foods to Get a Flat Stomach Include Them in Your Diet

The Best Foods To Get a Flat Stomach Include Them in Your Diet

Vegetables, vegetables and fruits are the most recommended foods to reduce abdominal fat and achieve a flat belly, as they are low in calories, purifying and rich in nutrients. Discover which the best are!

In addition to the recommended foods, you must take into account two fundamental things: frequency and quantity. To achieve a flat stomach we should follow a diet that provides food from the seven food groups (dairy, hydrates, proteins  …). But simply consuming more frequently and in more quantity those that contain fewer calories, which would be the group of vegetables and fruits and group of fruits. Try to combine them into delicious juices!

Before talking about which foods are the most recommended getting a flat belly, it is necessary to remember that the best thing to get good results is to follow a healthy, varied and balanced diet, and to exercise regularly.

Vegetables, The Most Important Food Group

Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, aubergine, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, peppers, and asparagus) are a group of foods extraordinarily important for good health maintenance. Between 85 and 95% of the weight of any vegetable is water, and for this very reason they give us little energy (between 12 and 40 calories per 100 g). They are also a source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, and therefore we must consume them in greater quantity if we want to get a flat stomach.

Lettuce: it is consumed like ingredient of salads, owns near of 95% of water in its composition and has about 14 calories for each 100 g. It is rich in folic acid or vitamin B9, essential for the maintenance of the cells.

Cucumber: is one of the vegetables with lower caloric intake, with only 12 calories per 100 g. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you fight against abdominal swelling.

Asparagus: constituted mainly by water, possess only 18 calories per 100 g. Sprays are one of the richest vegetables in proteins, and they stand out mainly because they are diuretics. They will help you eliminate fluid retention.

Tomato: it is a vegetable that like the asparagus contains only 18 calories for each 100 g. Rich in vitamin C and lycopene, a natural Vitamin C.

Fruits, The Best Allies For Flat Stomach

Fruits, like vegetables, are essential in healthy eating. They provide mainly water (75-90%) and, although they have more calories than vegetables. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Grapefruit: Water is the main ingredient of this citrus, and therefore has a low calorific power. It stands out for its great content in vitamin C and in folic acid. And for this reason it is a food very recurrent in the diets.

Watermelon: With just 20 calories per 100 g, it is one of the most recommended fruits to try to get a flat belly. Refreshing, satiating … take it fresh or in shakes!

Melon: The watermelon brother is also rich in water, and has 25 calories per 100g. It provides a large dose of vitamins such as A and C, and has a slight laxative effect.

To achieve a flat stomach remember that you must complement a healthy diet with some exercise.

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