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Biceps: Common Mistakes That Do Not Make Them Grow

Consider These Small Corrections and Suggestions if You Aim to Get Bigger Biceps and Bulky.

When we think about how to get two great arms, the solution seems pretty simple: do a bit of curl with a barbell, a pair of dumbbells and maybe a bit of work to cables a couple of days a week and soon you will be ready to Exhibit Powerful Arms … it might be easy for athletes genetically predisposed like Phil Heath and Kai Greene, but for the rest of us, it will take much more effort and strategy to train biceps.

The reality is that the majority of sports there cannot but not for lack of passion or training, but because of problems with the approach to these muscles.


The following errors are often made when training your biceps, then take a cue to allow some changes to your training program will achieve better results for your hard work.

Mistake # 1: Carelessness In Motion

If you want huge biceps compel them to shift the weight from point A to point B – not involving the lower back or the front deltoids. Using the momentum or the oscillating weight from the basic position, you’re sol stealing the real powerful contraction which serves to trigger muscle growth. You will get a lot more from a range with a barbell from 30Kg to 10 repetitions that a series barbell with ever 40 Kg for 10 reps but performed poorly or ‘stolen’.

Mistake # 2: The Position of the Wrist in The Curl

Often they feel bodybuilders who complain that they feel a greater pumping forearm than during biceps curl. Nine times out of ten this is because movement begins with forearm flexor extended with the wrists back. During the execution of the curl, no matter the type, be sure to keep your wrists in line with your forearms during the entire set.

Mistake # 3: Respect the Speed Limits

In an attempt to use more weight many athletes complete an entire repetition, from the top down, in about 2 seconds. However, what matters most of the loaded weight often is how long you keep a muscle tense. Try to use a little less weight for your curl, but perform the movement slowly so that you have a couple of full seconds to lift the bar / dumbbell upwards and another 3 seconds to get to the bottom. If you have never performed with these timelines, better get ready to ‘pump’ effect of your life!

Mistake # 4: Stop Half

The best way to force the greatest number of muscle fibers involved to run out is to allow them a full movement. Then start each rep with fully stretched biceps to get the most out of each set and to take advantage of the growth effects induced directly to the muscle tension.

Mistake # 5: Maximum Contraction

Just like doing a stretching / stretching good is vital to induce hypertrophy, also a strong contraction peak at the end of each curl is important. If you take a moment to flex and squeeze the biceps strongly at the maximum contraction point of each repetition will create greater blood flow, it will be involved more Muscle fibers and increase the use of lactic acid, which will increase the possibility to add centimeters to your arms.

Mistake # 6: Being too Routine

We are used to do what is most comfortable for instinct, but if we want the biceps muscle of the strongest and largest arms you must attack it and stimulate it in several respects.

So to stimulate the biceps must not work always with the same handles, corners, or planes of motion over and over again. Use a close grip, medium or large on the barbell. Curl make sitting, standing, or leaning forward on an incline bench to various degrees. Pull from the bottom cable or by a high wire. Minor changes to the basic movements in curling will recruit different muscle fibers involved.

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