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The Hair

Hair is a continuation of the scalp, formed by a keratin fiber and constituted by a root and a stem. It forms in a follicle of the dermis, and is the characteristic feature of thin or thin skin. The difference between the keratin of the horny layer and the keratin of the Hairs is that in the Hair the cells are always attached to each other, giving rise to a very hard keratin. Each Single-Hair Consists of a root located in a Hairs-Follicle and a stem that projects up above the surface of the epidermis. The root is enlarged at its base. The Papillary or Dermal Papilla is Composed of Connective Tissue and Blood Vessels, Which Provide The Hairs with the substances necessary for its growth.

The Hair is distributed on almost the entire body surface, except for the plantar surfaces, the navel and the mucous membranes. In an adult the approximate number of Hairs is of about five million, being divided in uneven form throughout the body. In the head there are around one million, being between 100,000 and 150,000 in the scalp.

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