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What is the Diet?

what is dietWe understand this term as all food substances that are ingested forming nutritional habits and part of our lifestyle. The word Diet|(Food) comes from the Greek word data which means “Way Of Life”. In short, all living creatures have their Own Diet-Plans.

In this sense, The (Food) does not have to be aimed at weight loss. Although often the fact dieting to lose weight with the will relates, The fact is that it relates to the food you eat and eating habits are acquired. However, The Diet can be modified depending on the goal you want to achieve: to lose or gain weight, fight disease or discomfort (anemia, cholesterol …) or Even Improve Stamina.

In this section, you will find information on Weight Loss Diets, Balanced Diets, Diets for Athletes, nutrition tips and more. It might interest you, Like The Chocolate, Which is New, Healthy, and Without Many Rules.