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Drugs is a Substance that can Modify the Thinking, Feelings, and Emotions of The Person Who Consumes it. Drugs have the Ability to Change Behavior And, In The Long Run, The Way of Being.

Some drugs are considered legal and some illegal. Consideration of a type of drug as legal (as with alcohol or tobacco) implies only a different regulation of production and marketing, and in no way does it mean that it is not dangerous.

All drugs carry a risk and there is no consumption that can be considered completely safe. The risk results from a combination of three factors: the effects of the substance, the way it is used (dosage, how it is to be administered, the effects to be achieved with it) and consumer vulnerability.

The Drug Addiction, Drug Abuse or Drug Dependence is a Condition Consisting of the Need to Taking Repeated Doses of a Drug to feel good or to avoid feeling bad. The dependence is evidenced in a group of cognitive, physiological and behavioral symptoms that are related to the lack of control over the consumption of the drug, which is still consumed despite its adverse effects.

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