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The Depression (Mood , Distaste Activity )

It is a Psychiatric Diagnosis that describes a disorder of mood , temporary or permanent, characterized by feelings of despondency, unhappiness and guilt, plus cause a total or partial inability to enjoy things and events of everyday life ( anhedonia ). Depressive disorders may be greater or lesser extent, accompanied by anxiety.

The origin of depression is Multi-factorial. Appearing Factors Influence Biological , Genetic and Psychosocial. The Psycho-Neuro-Immunology presents a bridge between Biological and Approaches Strictly Psychological .

Various environmental factors increase the risk of depression, Psychosocial Factors such as Stress, Poor Diet, Increased Intestinal Permeability , Food Intolerances , Physical Inactivity , Obesity , Smoking , Atopy , Periodontal Disease , Sleep and Deficiency Of Vitamin D .

The Prevalence rates of depression vary studies, depending on the inclusion of only major depressive disorders or other types of depressive disorders. Overall figures are usually collected in western countries prevalence of about 3 percent in the general population, and for major depressive disorder, an annual incidence of 1 to 2 per thousand.

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