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Infection (Disease)

Infection is The Invasion of a Host By a Microorganism Pathogen Multiplication in Tissues and Host Reaction to Their Presence and Their Possible Toxins . Infections May be Due to Bacteria , Fungi , Viruses , Protozoa or Prions . Infections Can Also Be Local or Systemic.
The scientific Frenchman Louis Pasteur demonstrated in 1880 that bacteria were the cause of many diseases , an idea that had unsuccessfully defended many other scientists before him. At the same time, the doctor German Robert Koch established the conditions that must fulfill a disease to be considered infectious , which “was called Koch ‘s postulates “. Usually, the term infection is often confused with the terms colonization and disease ; However, microorganisms that colonize humans (for a brief period, such as hours or days, or permanently) do not alter the normal functions of the host; In contrast disease is the interaction between the microorganism and the host that causes injury.

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