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Nutrition is The Use of Nutrients That Contain Food By Our Body, As Well as The Processes That Originate After Consumption: Digestion, Absorption …

If you are on a diet and you do not know what you can eat here we give you a list of foods that will provide benefits and meet your nutritional needs. Therefore, we disagree with the food groups that establishes the food pyramid and we guide you on how many times a week it is advisable to eat each one of them. It is the perfect way to maintain a varied and balanced diet. You can also find out about nutrients and nutritional supplements.


Nutrition is the science that studies the physiological and metabolic processes that occur in the body with food intake.

Many common diseases and their symptoms can often be prevented or alleviated with a particular diet. Therefore, the science of nutrition tries to understand what the specific diuretic aspects that influence health.

The purpose of nutrition science is to explain the metabolic and physiological response of the body to the diet. With advances in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics,.The science of nutrition focuses on the study of metabolism, investigating the relationship between diet and health from the point of view of biochemical processes. The human body is made up of chemical compounds such as water, amino acids (proteins), fatty acids (clear), nucleic acids (DAN / ARNA) and hydro-silicates (Sugars and Fiber).