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The Recipes can be Transmitted Throughout The History of Peoples From Generation to Generation Through Oral Tradition or Written by His Collection in Cookbooks or Recipe Culinary. This Compiled Knowledge is an Important Part of The Culture of a Group, Its Evolution Allows to Know The Changes to Which It is Subjected a Culture. Its Use in Sociological Studies and Anthropology , or History Allows to Know The Culinary Conditions, Tastes & Influences Of a Period. In The Twenty 1st Century Recipes Appear Frequently in Media Such as Television , Magazines , Newspapers and Blogs .

Recipes Have Precise Rules and Rules For Writing. If The Recipe is Intended for The General Public, it Should be Written in Plain Language. In Many Cases They Presuppose a Basic Knowledge of Cooking Techniques. Recipes are Usually Categorized Into Families That are Grouped By Main Ingredient, Type of Preparation, Country, etc. Are Part Of a Cookbook.

The Formal Recipe Include As Elements:

Name of The Dish
List of ingredients
Used tools

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