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As We All know that The “They were Happy and Eatting Partridges” does not exist, that the blue prince is only in stories and that “happy forever” is a utopia, but we still accumulate relationships without knowing what a healthy relationship is.

We suffer for love, we annul for love, we humble ourselves for our partner, we cry for a break and we do anything for people who do not deserve it. We may have a deep fear of being alone, of looking at ourselves face to face and of discovering who we really are.

We have had so many relationships and they have done us so much damage that we are not able to differentiate a healthy relationship, we are simply afraid of loneliness and we settle for people who do not treat us well or do not love us.

Learn to tell an insane relationship

The psychologist Walter Riso in his book “Enamorados or enslaved” helps us to differentiate those harmful relationships that harm us and do not bring us anything good. Laughter differentiates the following types of insane relationship:

Keys to a Healthy Relationships

Marc and Angel Chernoff have spent a lot of time helping their clients build healthy and lasting relationships and have managed to give some answers to a question we all ask ourselves: What does it take to create and nurture a healthy relationship? For this they have created a list of what you should not do to have a healthy relationship. Here are some of your ideas.

Do not Expect Your Relationship to Solve Your Problems

If you are afraid to be alone, a relationship is not the solution, before you will have to see where it comes from and what is that fear of loneliness and once you have solved and overcome it, you can relate in a healthy way with another person .

You can not forget that your gaps, your fears, your boredom are problems that only concern you and that they will persist in a relationships if you do not solve them before. So, confront yourself and value your problems before you start a relationship.

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