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Clean Your Intestine & Five Foods to Avoid in a Diet

Clean Your Intestine & Five Foods to Avoid in a Diet

Clean Your Intestine

It is not an easy task of Intestine, because it is responsible for extracting the nutrients from foods that will later be absorbed by the body. When performing this function, and accompanied by bad feeds or adverse situations, the bowel may become inflamed, irritated or cause constipation. So the best we can do to clean it is to eat certain foods. Now we will review what these foods are and their cleaning work for our gut.

We must know first and foremost that a good remedy only gives the results we expect if we first perform a detoxification, and this is because in the intestines accumulate residues that can obstruct the normal transit of the depositions, this way also accumulate certain toxins that are Those responsible for this organ to become irritated, inflamed or worse, to congestion the colon.


Clean Your Intestine & Five Foods to Avoid in a Diet

To detoxify it is vital to ingest vitamins which are important within the immune system, and nuts, in addition to this property, provide antioxidant benefits. We avoid fruits with high sugar consumption such as apples, pears, watermelons or bananas. From which we can choose are the stems as; Alfalfa, celery and the largest number of leaves so that we chew calmly and that way put to work so that we can gradually heal the intestine.


To absorb the toxins and the meals accumulated in the intestine we must eat algae frequently, but considering the moderation, is that they solve the problems of constipation and irritation in the colon, lazy intestine, and generates purification in the bloodstream.

Five Foods to Avoid in a Diet

Clean Your Intestine & Five Foods to Avoid in a Diet

Following a diet is very similar to art. In art you have to see what colors to include to get a better visual result. Diet is something were similar happens, you must know which foods to include and which to leave out in order to have better results. In this list we will talk about the 5 foods that you should avoid in a diet. It may be difficult to exclude them but at the end of the day they will make you better.


Flavored yogurt is a nutritional illusion. It is rich and delicious but contains enormous amounts of sugar. Eating a flavored yogurt is the same as eating a bar of chocolates, in terms of sugar content. Eating excessive sugar levels can lead to unwanted weight gain. Replaces flavored yogurt with Greek yogurts that contain better macro-nutrients and more protein.

Say no to syrup

The pancakes are at the top of my favorite foods. However, the syrup that is made to make them know better has too much sugar and is not at all healthy. These have too many artificial chemicals and lead to a few pounds more. If you are one of those who can not eat pancakes without syrup then I recommend replacing this with one with zero calories. There Was a great Brand Called “Walden Farms” that sells these syrups without sugar or calories. I recommend them!

Soda is not good

They know too well, are very refreshing and somewhat addictive. Sodas are one of the worst foods you could include in a diet. They have too much sugar and cause health problems more significant than simple weight gain. Soda can lead to kidney stones and even worse health problems. I recommend avoiding them as a place. Of course, from time to time a very cold soda is allowed.


The best food to include in a diet: the chicken. It is low in fat, contains little carbohydrates and lots of protein. Now, the worst food to include on a diet: the chicken … Breaded. Breaded chicken is the total ruin to a healthy meal. The breeding that is put on top contains a lot of fat and is not at all healthy. It is best to simply avoid breaking the chicken and consume it fresh, grilled.

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