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Diet Problems

10 Health Consequences of Bad Diet

10 consequences of bad diets

“Does This Sound Regime Pineapple, Tuna or Proteins? Sure you know of a Friend Who Lost Weight thanks to these miracle diets. However, they lost weight and returned to upload, in addition to suffering other health consequences of Bad Diet.”

A Monica your thyroid will no longer work as before because of the slimming tea he was taking. Carolina suffers from hypoglycemia by eating little and odd times, so it is now in a controlled regime that must judiciously eating certain foods at certain times. And Camilo up 10 kilos of weight after dropping 5, on behalf of the protein diet. They are all real cases.

“When we talk about diets that affect the body malnutrition speak of macro-nutrients deficit or excess. It is when presented low weight associated with diseases. I have seen patients who diet found on the Internet, such as proteins; eat only fats and butters. And down, they feel happy, but the body comes the moment does not give more balanced and ask something like fruit or vegetable; so when they stop making it climb more weight. In the long term are patients who come with problems dyslipidemia cholesterol, high triglycerides and women with high uric acid , “says dietitian nutritionist Patricia Bernal.  

So all days receives patients who should be treated as a result of poor diets. The most common injuries are:

  1. Propensity to Infections and Hypoglycemia: usually they happen to go hungry, ranging from prolonged fasting or meal replacements for milkshakes. Although taking them is not bad, and even better if it is at night, because at this time what you eat should be light, it is not advisable to replace more than one meal a day, because it is harmful to health, because it removes the nutrients They are given food. In addition, energy, fuel cells, does not have the right level if there is no food consumption; then there is no concentration, are headaches and irritability in mood.
  2. Poor eating habits: teenagers to their parents created them habits such as vegetarians, but were not given meals that will supplement the proteins, grow deficiencies. Or the young man who never taught him to eat vegetables and fruits and you have cholesterol problems. On the one hand, we must supplement them, and the second, enter them a healthy food regimen immediately.
  3. Cholesterol Problems: excess protein brings dyslipidemia, joint pain, high uric acid by not eating vegetables and fruits and many other meats. Also anemia’s they are prone to infections because they have no intake of vitamins and minerals and have to resort to supplements. Furthermore, they can overload the kidney.
  4.  Mood problems have nutrient deficiencies stimulates the onset of depression.
  5. Hair loss, skin problems.
  6. Difficulties in the kidney and brain: take excess water gets to work too diluted kidney and electrolyte so that . the brain is affected
  7. Constipation and Colon: Problems not eat with fiber like vegetables, cereals and fruits.
  8. Rebound Effect: to make the body responds restrictive diet and lose weight person. But when they return to eating normally, what enters the body, it stores it as fat, as a backup mechanism for the time in which again have no nutrients.
  9. If the person does diets and smoking or sedentary, the consequences of bad routines are increased.
  10. Fertility: Women who diet and become pregnant, come with malnutrition, when they should increase nutrients such as protein, iron, folic acid and calcium. This woman already has an overloaded kidney. Moms can end with gestational diabetes or obesity, preeclampsia or eclampsia, as a result of poor diet before pregnancy. So, gynecologists recommend that women be at their ideal weight before pregnancy.

10 consequences of bad dietAdvice before undergoing a diet

* You should not fill your stomach, but nourish your body consuming quality and not quantity.

* The diet that helped a friend to lose weight you may not serve you, you cannot do what you see on the web or in magazines without medical supervision, because each person has a metabolism or underlying diseases and different food tastes.

* A diet must be complete, sufficient, adequate and balanced.

* The idea is to have all food groups in appropriate portions, as even excess water affects health.

* The time and space to consume food is sacred. Treat yourself to a moment for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* The body needs protein, carbohydrates and fat without excess. The problem is we eat more.

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