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Detox Soup: This is The Latest Way to Purify the Body

Detox Soup: This is The Latest Way to Purify the Body

Just as we began to take pleasure in fruit and vegetable smoothies, a new way to purge the body and eliminate toxins appears on the scene to revolutionize the Detox world: soups. We are not talking about feeding on soups forever, if not including them in the diet for a couple of days to purify the body. Detox Soup are easy to digest since their ingredients are broken down. And they gather a lot of nutrients: protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, good fats … They also reassure a lot more than a smoothie, since they are hot! Here are some of our favorites.

Detox Soups This is The Latest Way to Purify the Body

Detox Soup are Ideal for Purifying a Cure,

helping the body to purify itself. Flooding it with living, active macro-nutrients like enzymes. And it is that the diet directly influences the quality of our skin, our vitality and our immune system, so that a cure Detox can be an excellent starting point for our body after the excesses of the holidays.

Cleansing cures should be followed for 3 to 5 days, and it is best to take five soups a day. Starting at 11 in the morning and every two hours. During this time, do not forget to drink up to 2 liters of water (although the soups already provide liquids). And perform some moderate exercise to eliminate all toxins. You can prepare Detox Soup with myriad ingredients, though vegetables are always the best option. Soups with broccoli or spinach will improve the appearance of your skin, carrots and lemon will provide energy. Those containing beets, celery or ginger will purify the blood, asparagus will clean your liver, etc.

The book Soups Detox has compiled 69 recipes of healthy and easy to make soups at home. Although as we have said, you can always make your own combinations. Of course, try not to miss in your pot any of these foods.

Detox Soup: This is The Latest Way to Purify the Body

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