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The Diet to Lose Weight 11 Kg in Three Weeks That Is Razing

The Diet to Lose Weight 11 Kg in Three Weeks That Is Razing

Astronaut Diet, Diet plan F, Prittiki Diet, Hollywood Diet, Montignac Diet … Diet, Diets and More Diets to Lose Weight. Overweight is a pandemic ravaging western country and therefore an inevitable business opportunity in these times.

If before it was common to see famous food advertising, fashion now is that the promoting stars and diets, their bodies being an example of the effectiveness of the plan developed by a specific expert. As an example, figures like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Gloria Estefan and Shakira have proclaimed now adepts nutritionist regime and physiologist Marco Borges who promises losing eleven kilos in just 22 days, almost twice the weight of other solutions Portend. “You can control your quality of life through what you eat,” he says. “If you have Houston as I can do it, you too,” says the former member of Destiny’s Child.

Individuals Who Have Tried The Diet Make Its Special Emphasis On a Difficult Feeling To Circumvent The Principle Hungry, Very Hungry

Reflected in his book ‘The 22-Day Revolution’, the aim of the plan is to change our lifestyle. It thus ensures that this will modify our genes, stimulating those that benefit our health while we disable those that cause heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Although the proposal is 22 days, the target is acquired for longer. Borges calls “Strive to introduce new healthier habits and on day 22 you will find yourself improved.” Also, if you managed to carry it out for three weeks, you could always carry it. The end result, if you get to keep the diet for three months, you should have an impact on more than five hundred genes.

Modify Your Habits

The first rule of the diet is to eat vegetables (the regime is exclusively vegan). The second: eat only products that come directly from the earth, i.e., organic food.

Our body makes a great effort to digest those foods that harm our ability to taste authentic flavors and cause stomach problems derived from aromas and artificial preservatives. Other foods contraindicated by Borges are soy and anything containing gluten. Fruits and vegetables, however, will give rise to concentrate on the detoxifying body.

The Diet to Lose Weight 11 Kg in Three Weeks That Is Razing

Fruits and vegetables are rich in complex carbohydrates but low in fat. Eating vegetables only enables you to meet the standard requirements of 80% carbohydrate, 10% fat and 10% protein per day. If you want to lose weight Rapidly, Then the grains and vegetables should be limited to the first meal of the day and burn calories consumed with the activity of the day.

Third point: we must make three meals a day and carry out the dinner at least two hours before going to bed. If you choose to do without the last meal, the body also offers the ability to consume fat reserves accumulated. It is a must eat in moderation, aware of the internal signals that our body sends us.

You Can Prepare Yourself Dishes Or Order Through The Internet, You Bring Them Home

The physical activity could not be excluded either. The indications given allow reprogramming our bodies, while the sport will get the process is extended in time. For this reason, they are indispensable at least thirty minutes of exercise a day.

Finally, No Soda or Alcohol. Liquid Base Diet is Summarized Exclusively In Water. If we want to add some spice, tea or lemon are excellent choices, yes or a teaspoon of sugar in drinks.

Common Mortals Say About Diet

In the United States, there is the possibility of carrying out the diet through two options: you prepare food yourself or ask, through the internet, you all bring home. This second option should arrive shortly to our continent.

In order to get down to the real world, let’s put aside the opinion of famous people, to check the effects on ordinary people who dared to try it.

The journalist

Lesley Messer chose the option to prepare the recipes in your kitchen. The reason could not be other than economic. Three meals a day for three weeks with a total cost of $ 600 (about 550 Euros). Lesley notes that he has started feeling empty stomach and hated the food. The greatest pressure came from strictly following the instructions of the book, finding it very difficult to reconcile the obligations of their work and their social life with the preparation of dishes proposed, not forgetting, of course, the need to devote time to activity physical. In the case of having to eat out, many restaurants are declared vegetarian meals elaborated with egg or butter. Which broke the rules of Borges. All this took Lesley to inevitably violate diet occasionally.

Despite promised by Borges and Beyonce herself, Lesley admits that although she felt physically well during the diet. It is impossible to ascertain whether she really felt increased energy promises enforcement. Finally, with regard to behavior change, which ensures that after 22 days will be able to completely control what you eat, the journalist recognizes that from the point of view itself felt with greater power to control food could ingest, but certain social gatherings such as Dinners with friends, make it so difficult temptations to ignore.

Their slogans: Eat Plant Products Are Exclusively Biological, Not Make More Than Three Meals A Day, Exercising And Drinking Water

 The Diet to Lose Weight 11 Kg in Three Weeks That Is RazingMichelle Persad chose, instead, to buy food through the website. Shea food lover and perhaps declare it earned him an added difficulty only by taking dishes that were coming him.

From the third day, Michelle felt something that was very difficult to avoid: hungry, very hungry. However, it recognizes that with the passage of time the compliance became more affordable. Unlike the experience related by Lesley Messer, Michelle herself felt increased energy. Ensuring that the food becomes real fuel for her body & results in the productivity of her work were evident.

Michelle’s conclusion is clear: I would not make this diet. But it does not rule out taking suggested meals in specific periods. much shorter than twenty days.

An experience of two women serves ultimately to weigh in more favored views of the famous circulating on the Internet. Actually, they are not Wrong. As we speak at least of the cons not hear in the words of the author or the stars involved.

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