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Female Depression – Exercise To Reduce Depression

Female Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses of our time. In everyday life the term depression we mean a state of sadness and melancholy. When a woman is depressed often describes herself as sad, desperate, discouraged and disappointed.

General Symptoms Of Female Depression May Include:

1.  Katathliptiki mood that lasts most of the day or all day, continuously-daily for at least two weeks.

2. Apoleia pleasure and reduced interest in activities previously gave pleasure.

3. Anchos manifested in the internal form of discomfort or fear.

4. Koposi, exhaustion, lack of energy often leads to inaction.

5. Animporia, lack of hope and pessimism about the future.

6. Dyskolia concentrating, thinking and decision making.

7. Aisthimata thoughts and constant guilt, worthlessness and low self-esteem.

8. Diataraches sleep (insomnia or hypersomnia or early morning awakening).

9. Diataraches to eat appetite. Weight gain or loss. The change of the weight need not be greater than 5% of body weight in one month.

10. Meiosi sexual mood.

11. Psychosomatika symptoms, not organic cause, e.g. headaches, back pain or chest, shortness of breath, nausea.

12. Emmoni to death and suicidal thoughts from hopelessness. Of course it should be noted that in women with severe depression, there is a high risk of suicide.

Indicatively, There Are Three Main Forms Of Depression That Affect Women:

Meizon Depression. Like the flu, major depression have a beginning, middle and end. Unlike influenza, depression often lasts for months. If left untreated, tends to recur. Any recurrence tends to last longer and be more debilitating than the previous.

Chronia Depression. Chronic depression is a low-grade, long-term depression can continue for years. Long-term, low-grade depression is also known as dysthymia, which is a mood disorder.

Maniokatathlipsi. Here low levels of depression may alternate with days or weeks by the fad extreme emotions and outbursts, undue grand thoughts, and sometimes devastating effects. This is also known as bipolar depression. Because manic depressive woman between one emotional pole (down) to the opposite pole (top) unforeseen, rapid alternations. (By contrast, major depression is unipolar – focused on a single pole: downwards).

female depression

Generally the female depression may be due to several factors acting alone or in concert. It may be due to the wider social environment, in response to different situations (such as loss of a loved one or moving from one house to another). Of course, a monotonous environment can also be depressed. When a woman can not control her environment (family or professional), this situation can bring feelings of weakness and exhaustion. Family disputes or economic difficulties may cause depression. Other causes of depression are the climatic conditions such as rain or overcast, loneliness and the feeling that other people do not care about us. It may be due to psychological factors.

Sometimes depression can be caused by internal problems. For example pessimistic ideas or lack of self-esteem can lead to depression. Finally, depression may be due to biological factors. These of course vary (e.g., may be neurological, hormonal and seasonal factors) and may be associated with a disease.

Exercise helps fight anxiety and depression female. Several studies of the past decade show that regular participation in exercise programs and physical activities in general, lower levels of depression. Women with depression tend to be sedentary and do not engage in physical activities. Thus, there is a question whether it is depression that creates inertia trends or the sedentary exacerbates depression. Of course, it is now accepted that physical activity contribute to physical and mental health. Furthermore, women who are physically active are less likely to develop depression.

Women who already have depression, and may have to resort to psychological support, but at the same time can also help substantially with some form of exercise. Given that the exercise internally activated to fight themselves and overcome their problems. Through exercise, women understand that the more they try, the better. And this achieve this themselves, without outside help. Once you understand this, increase confidence and self-esteem. And then very quickly this sensation gradually transferred to everyday things and concepts, at work, at home and generally in their social relations.

Clinical studies have shown that exercise can reduce the risk of developing depression and to reduce the symptoms of mild and moderate depression, and postpartum depression. Through exercise, also occurs the weight control and improved body image. This result can also reduce symptoms of depression.

In general, participation in some type of exercise and elevates mood and lowers the levels of depression. Exercise changes the mood, through the regulation of anxiety, improved self-esteem and confidence, and body image. Also, exercise, changing or better regulate a number of physiological mechanisms in women with depression, such as the secretion of endorphins, fluctuations in body temperature, etc.

All forms of exercise also help. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise can reduce the level of depression. It can also be used to reduce depression exercise resistance (long, low intensity), such as walking, the loose running, cycling, swimming, etc. Also the carrying weight can also lead to positive results, while the combination of strength training and weight-bearing exercise has positive effects. Whatever form of exercise should be repeated 3-5 times a week, so act beneficial for the body. However, no adverse effects of exercise have been found in women with depression. And in fact, all forms of exercise are equally effective.

Researcher Reviews Female Depression

Some researchers, especially, have used the exercise as a means of treatment in women with severe depression and found to reduce the symptoms to such an extent that argue that we could say that exercise can be used as a means for treating female depression . Because”stigmatos” depression, many women think that asking for help means some kind of weakness and lack of character. But seeking help for an illness (any disease) does not imply the absence or weakness of mental, physical, emotional or moral character. Instead, it takes great courage to resort to experts and ask for advice and direction.

This is why a more systematic support for women with depression, there is a need to combine exercise with other forms of therapy such as psychoanalysis, the discussion groups, self-help groups or other cognitive therapies. Perhaps, some psychological problems such as those associated with depression simply require an internal actuation by women themselves, to alleviate. Exercise and participation in physical activities offer this activation. The difficulty, of course, for women with depression, is convinced of the value of both psychoanalysis and exercise.

All forms of exercise have in them the element of the game, the fun and relief. Once a woman starts exercising, communicating with others, mentally and physically activated, perceives changes in her body and her mood. In this direction there is a good and a bad. The bad is that participation in physical activity is not a pill to take anyone quickly and easily and immediately disappear all. The good news is that nowadays physical activities no longer have the financial costs had before. In all municipalities, various sports sections and physical activity (including various forms of exercise are created: from dance, tennis, up pilates, yoga and Zumba), just interested in someone to ask and be informed by the Municipal Authority of the region .

And let’s not hide, why do not we practice we women are neither lack of time due to work or children and the household. Our pure negligence. We must dedicate ourselves some time. We can go walking or running either our own or together with a our friend. That simple. You just need to decide and to establish. Besides, we women when we achieve something.

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