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6 Good Tips for Maintaining Figure during Pregnancy

6 Good Tips for Maintaining Figure during Pregnancy

The curves caused by a baby growing inside you are beautiful and perfect because your child will live nine months in your womb. Years in your arms, but all the life in your heart. By taking on this unique responsibility and you are also doing it for pleasure you must know. That everything you eat and how you lead your pregnancy directly influences the development of your baby as well as your well being. Carrying a healthy hand food with an exercise routine during the gestation process will make you feel beautiful and especially with lots of energy.

In order to preserve her figure during her pregnancy, she could not miss green tea with milk, yogurt, chicken, pasta, vegetables and fruits. Regarding her training routine, she explained that she was quieter than before she became pregnant, but that she did not leave it for the world. “It makes me feel so good … With baby on board or without it, physical activity is fundamental to achieve a balance between mind, body and soul,” said By the Angelina Jolie and mother of Three Daughter & Three Sons.

1. Proteins of High Biological Value:

They are the raw material of the cells of your body and your baby. Although it is crucial that you consume them throughout the gestation process, it is mainly during the second and third trimesters that the fetus, your breasts and some reproductive organs grow to accompany the development of the child. This component you will find in: lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, among others. The specialist’s recommendation is one serving per day.

2. Fruits and Vegetables:

One to two servings at least because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. “The more Mixture of color in the dish, the more vitamins and minerals you make,” he says. He also mentions that: “It is important to accompany the consumption of meat with some citrus fruit, since these provide vitamin C, which facilitates the incorporation of iron into the body.”

3. Low-Fat Dairy Products:

They are a source of calcium, a mineral that encourages your baby to grow strong teeth and bones. Being milk, yogurt and low fat, you will not increase weight fast because you will accompany that good diet with physical activity.

Gets your body moving during Pregnancy!

6 Good Tips for Maintaining Figure during Pregnancy

Precisely in your goal to maintain your figure despite expecting baby, we want to give you an exercise routine. Paula Fatic, personal trainer, invites you to wear sports clothes and put on your sneakers to move your arms, tummy and legs.

4. Cardiovascular or Aerobic Training:

Women who are accustomed to exercise may continue their routine normally during the first few months of pregnancy. Fatic advises before consulting the doctor to make sure your favorite exercises do not endanger the health of the baby. If the specialist gave you the green light to do so start with a slow. And low impact pace to walk or swim 30 minutes for three times a week.

“They are the most recommended, however you can also do spinning, hydro gym, dance classes… As long as you inform your instructor that you are pregnant to make some modifications and avoid Unhealthy Movements”.  Advised By the 20 Year Experienced Coach.

5. Stretching:

Extend the elbow and the opposite leg to compensate the weight of the body and in turn to train stability and balance. The muscles of the posterior chain of the body participate in legs (hamstrings and gustoes). Back (low and high) and back of the shoulder. This exercise specifically improves the posture and development of the new body scheme. Prevents back pain because it works on strength and muscular endurance, balance, stability and flexibility.

6 Good Tips for Maintaining Figure during Pregnancy

6. Kegel Exercises:

Also known as vaginal muscle contraction exercises were designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor which will make your recovery after childbirth is faster, i.e. both before and after of this you can continue to take care of your weight.

To execute them you need to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscle repeatedly. With the aim of increasing strength and resistance, and thus prevent urinary incontinence. Do it at least three times a day.

6 Good Tips for Maintaining Figure during Pregnancy

Keep in mind that the above tips are given by specialists in your field. However you require a previous medical checkup to start with any physical activity or change your diet so as not to endanger the health of your baby.

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