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21 Healthy Foods With Much More Calories Than You Can Imagine

We Are Not Going to Ask You Not To Eat Them ( Calories ), Simply Do Not Abuse!

With the return to normal and Christmas holidays become a beautiful memory, the best excuse appears to start caring for us better and to take care of our food a little more to see ourselves better and lose those kilos we have won over the summer. But do we really know what nutritional properties these foods are that everyone wants to add to their diet? How many Calories do these super foods have? Go through the pages of this album and discover the foods you can eat but, yes, without abusing…

The amount of Calories ingested throughout the day will determine the good or bad mood of the individual. If these are scarce or abundant, whatever the food is, it will lead to a negative feeling. ”

For this reason it is important to know the caloric intake of certain foods. Known to be healthy and good for any diet. Without giving up your good qualities, take them in moderation, Taking into account our state of health and our physical needs at all times. And is that the benefits of foods such as salmon, avocado, banana or soy are clear, but you also have to know how to combine them with lighter ones to achieve a balanced diet.

21 Healthy Foods But With Many More Calories Than You Can Imagine

And it is important to remember that a food with a high energy intake is not always equivalent to a fatty or unhealthy food. For example, a food rich in polyunsaturated fats (egg, nuts, soy) is not the same as a food rich in trans fats (egg industrial products), And in both cases the food will have many calories. Remember that a varied and balanced diet is synonymous with a healthy diet. Do not be afraid to introduce any food to your meals, provided it is in moderation and common sense. Here we leave you an interesting comparison that shows that 200 calories can be food dishes of very, very different sizes.

21 Healthy Foods But With Many More Calories Than You Can Imagine

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