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Five “Homemade” Face Masks for Different Skin Types (Part 1)

Five “Homemade” Face Masks for Different Skin Types (Part 1)

To pamper the skin on your face, and take care of any type of imperfection caused by various factors, you do not always have to opt for expensive Face Masks manufactured by major brands.

The traditional homemade masks offer the facility to be able to be made with completely natural and common ingredients, avoiding in this way from the chemicals to the artificial preservatives that have the products that can be obtained in the markets and pharmacies.


The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of honey are ideal for tired looking faces, usually affected by the effects of stress or a few hours of sleep.

And to prepare this simple mask you will only need to beat an egg white, then add a large spoonful of honey, the juice of two squeezed lemons and a quarter cup of natural, preferably nonfat yogurt. Apply the mixture on your face, and allow it to rest between about 15 and 20 minutes.


Perfect to counteract the appearance of shine on the face, this combination is mainly used in the lemon to take advantage of its exfoliating benefits against the annoying grains or blackheads, which face them thanks to its antibacterial properties.

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This mask can be made at home with only three base ingredients to the same extent of two tablespoons each: Lemon Juice, Uncooked oat flakes and natural yogurt. First you must mix the yogurt with the oats, until the consistency of the preparation is as homogeneous as possible. And finally stir it a little more while you add the lemon juice. Then apply the final ointment on your face, and wash well after about 20 minutes of action.

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