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Massachusetts and California Legalize Cannabis‬ (Marijuana) Use

California and Massachusetts Legalize Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) Use

The Voter-Approved Ballot on Nov. 8 is Scheduled to go into effect Thursday, allowing adults to have limited amounts of Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) for recreational purposes and grow plants in their homes.

However, it is illegal to Sell Marijuana (Cannabis) in Massachusetts, except registered medical marijuana patients, and will remain for at least a year until the first marijuana stores are authorized and regulated.

“For the average citizen this means they have to wait a while before they can go to a Store OR Facility and Buy Marijuana Without any Prescription,” Said By Martin W. Healy, Chief Legal Counsel Massachusetts Bar Association.

Supporters of recreational marijuana are in agreement. Jim Borghesani, a spokesman for the Regulate Mass group, which sponsored the voting initiative, sees the first year as a “gray period.”

Previously States legalized Cannabis‬ (Marijuana) went through Many Evolution Period Without Major Problems.

Two Hospitalized After Boston Shooting

In Colorado, Where Voters Forced to Approve Recreational Marijuana (Cannabis) in Late 2012, Marijuana (Cannabis) Cases Fell Significantly Over The 13 Months or So For Regular State Took The Drug & Allow Them to Open Stores.

Voters in California, Nevada, and Maine also supported legalization in the most recent elections and, like Massachusetts, everyone will experience gaps between the time that marijuana becomes legal to own and when can legally be sold to consumers.

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Before and after sales start, the list of things you cannot do with marijuana is still a long one.


  • Plane leaves the runway in full landing
  • Outside the home, adults 21 years of age or older may own up to 1 ounce of marijuana.
  • Within your home, adults 21 years of age or older may own up to 10 ounces of marijuana. A single individual can grow up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use, and up to 12 plants per household are permitted if more than one adult lives in the home.
  • It is okay for an adult to give up to an ounce of marijuana to another adult, but not for money.

Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana)

California Also Legalize Cannabis (Marijuana) Use

With marijuana, the polls did hit the target. Californians gave a green light to the legalization of the soft drug through Proposition 64, which will mean increased regulation of the substance and potentially millions of dollars for state coffers for taxes.

With the passage of the measure, it will be legal for adults over 21 to consume, plant and sell marijuana. These commercial activities will be regulated by the authorities with a tax of 15 percent and an additional charge of 9.25 dollars per ounce.

Smoking, however, may not be allowed on the street or in public premises, subject to a fine of $ 100 for those who do not abide by the rule. In addition, the penalty will be reduced to illegally selling the drug, a reduction of four years of current state prison, to six months behind bars in a county jail.

The result is great news for entrepreneurs who have bet heavily on the measure from the beginning. According to various sources, the cannabis business will generate 7.6 billion dollars a year in direct sales to consumers until 2020. That is without other indirect ways of income such as t-shirts or souvenirs.

The state of Massachusetts has also legalized marijuana, while Florida and North Dakota have approved its use for medical purposes, adding to a long list of states where the substance is already part of the ecosystem. Approval in California, however, could have a greater impact nationwide and put an end to federal laws prohibiting its use.

Death penalty


Since California passed the death penalty law in 1978, 13 people have been executed, the last in 2006. But it has more people than any other state on the death row: just over 740. Nonetheless, voters Rejected Tuesday that it be abolished and voted in favor of accelerated procedures.

Nebraska, for its part, reinstated capital punishment in this state, which had already abolished it in 2015.

Oklahoma also passed an amendment to the Constitution to ensure the state imposes sentence and determine methods.

Gun Control


California, which already had laws that were among the most restrictive of firearms in the country, approved to change laws and strengthen criminal background checks for the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Its neighbor Nevada also increased controls, though Maine, a northeastern rural state, was close to rejecting a similar measure.

Washington has ratified a measure that allows courts to bar a person from accessing a firearm because they consider it high risk.

Condoms and more …


California rejected a measure that sought to force pornographers to use condoms on filming.

It also became the first state in the United States to ban the use of plastic bags in stores. Measures also include the legalization in Colorado of terminally ill euthanasia, with the assistance of a physician.

Five other states, including California, already allowed “assisted suicide.”


  • Licensed Retailer Can Sell Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) in Massachusetts. A Cannabis Control Commission, which has not yet been appointed, will be responsible for issuing retail licenses.
  • Marijuana cannot be owned, purchased, cultivated or used by people under the age of 21 (unless they have a valid medical marijuana permit), and it is against the law to give marijuana to someone under the age of 21.
  • Using marijuana is illegal in any public place. You cannot, for example, walk the street smoking marijuana as you would with a cigarette. It is also illegal to use marijuana anywhere that tobacco is banned.
  • Possession of Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) is illegal on School Grounds.
  • Laws against the operation of automobiles and other vehicles under the influence of marijuana have not changed.
  • Moderately-Consumed Packages of Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) cannot be kept in a motor vehicle, except in the trunk or in a closed glove compartment.
  • Home cultivation should be done discreetly and safely. Marijuana plants cannot be clearly visible from the street or any public area and must be grown somewhere where there is a safety feature.
  • Tenants cannot grow marijuana in their homes or smoke it if their landlord has a rule against it.
  • Since Cannabis‬ ( Marijuana) is Still Banned By Federal Law, it cannot be brought through state lines, mailed or used on the federal property.

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