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Party In More Than 40 Years: “It is Better Now, Alcohol & Drugs”

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J. just turned 50 and celebrated it with a party over the top that did not end until 6 in the morning. As he has been dating since he was a teenager, he has friends of different ages, but his behavior is basically the same: everyone drinks (a lot), a lot takes drugs and those who have no partner try to call.

Family Obligations or Health Problems Drive away Many People from the parties, But Middle-Aged People Are Determined to leave until the body is able to endure, for it is what they have done for a lifetime. J. says that his way of going out is the same as when he was 30 years old, but the frequency and intensity is no longer the same: “Now it’s weird the day I leave and I’m going home after 6. A few years ago Not so many) the usual thing was to continue to infinity.

As long as there were drugs, the night would not end even if the clock said it was 6 pm on Sunday. “

Nor is he concerned about health, among other things, because he is lucky enough to get up relatively well the next day: “I do nothing to counteract drugs and alcohol. Rest Tomorrow. And since I go out less often, and I do some exercise, I do not usually have big hangovers. And the truth, to me the drugs, except for the speed, do not give me down, so I recover quite easily. It must be genetics, but throughout my life I have not suffered many killer hangovers. And in case of having them, based on drinking liters and liters of water, has disappeared.

“It is difficult to maintain ties with people your age, because in addition most are people who are no longer worth it”

Mr H is 49 YEARS OLD, He is divorced & He have two Children, In This Case Health is Not a Problem. He simply does not ask about her. What is clear is that going out is more fun than before:”I hold on, in every way.”

Going partying in the 40’s or 50’s also has an important advantage. “It’s Much More Connected, and You Drink Better, Because you have more money,” explains H. Given the cost of partying, older people, who often have more resources than young people, do not have to walk around All the while what’s left in the wallet. “Everything is better now: alcohol, drugs and sex,” he insists.
There is no reason to discontinue enjoying, and everyone is interested in the middle-aged people keep coming out. “There is a purely consumerist interest in exploring an emerging and growing market, given the demographic trend,”

“The leisure market is trying to cover and embrace larger segments of the population, which include older ages, promoting activities that have traditionally been associated with young people, such as parties and night out.”

Offer is not lacking. Perhaps the only difficulty for those over 40 is to have friends with whom to give it all. “I still have a good time,” says J. “But many of my friends do not go out or do it on an occasional basis and that’s a little fun.” H. is of the same opinion, but says that, in the end, he finds people with whom to party: “It is difficult to maintain ties with people your age, because in addition most are people who are no longer worth it. They vote for Esperanza …

So you usually go out with the group of people you have who are in the same situation as you: they can be couples, colleagues with aunts in a roll plan, younger people, aunts you just met, a colleague who has The free day of the couple … and with that small group of people that still lives. ”

The Party Is Not Just For The Young

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As IN the study The social perception of drug problems in Spain, 2014, the social imaginary clearly considers that cramming alcohol and drugs is something that corresponds to young people. “Further, more consumers are attributed to those who are younger than themselves, regardless of the age group in which the person is answering,” the researchers explain. Young people, and not so much in older people.

But this is precisely what drives many middle-aged people to keep on partying. As is typical of young people, when they leave they feel less old. The prevailing cult of youth, says Tamayo, makes more and more people try to behave like the 20-year-olds: “Appearing to be young and youthful is a booming value that has its counterpoint in refusing to grow old. The signs that betray him “. And not partying is one of them.

“We thought that the 30 were the new 20, then they became the 40. And now I suspect that they are the 50”

The truth is that times are changing, and many of the people who were 20 in the eighties are not willing to completely abandon the habit of partying. They simply do not want to become part of the list of normal 40’s who spend their free time walking and watching television.

In an article in The Telegraph, evening entrepreneur Alex Proud, who has now turned 45, wonders if there is an acceptable level of partying for a person approaching dangerously close to age 60. “It’s really one of the big questions Of our time, “he says. “We thought the 30 were the new 20, then they became the 40. And now I suspect they are the 50. Maybe even the 60’s and the 70’s. Look around. The elders are not only putting an end to all the family’s money, they are still coming out as if it were still 1999. ”

Perhaps the British case is especially paradigmatic – you just have to take a walk around Magaluf or Benidorm to see hordes of drunken English who spend much of the 40 – but in Spain things are also changing.

According to the Household Survey of Alcohol and Drugs in Spain (EDADES), Daily Intake of Alcohol is higher in over 35 (Age That The National Plan on Drugs Considers AS “End Of Youth“), Something which is explained By the greater consumption of wine in the meals -characteristic of the calls wet cultures, like ours-, but the number of people of more than 40 who leave of party in the great thing, and often, is not negligible.

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Usually, people who used to take some kind of drug in youth, continues to do so when going partying. As J recognized: “When I go out I try to have fun and use drugs. I have always done so, and it will continue to be so, at least for the moment.

When should We Stop Coming Out?

“I was 19, I’m Pretty Sure That I thought I can stop going to the unimaginable age of 32, because I would have children,” explains Proud. “When I had children I stopped a little (although I was still awake all night). But when the children began to sleep, the party returned. Then I realized that I would never end.

Proud believes that there is nothing wrong with it. “I’m not suggesting that we live like Keith Richards or Jack Nicholson, but then you think of a few beers, a joint, a few glasses of wine, and oh, I just remembered that cocaine roll I carry in my wallet … It does not sound so bad do not? It does not sound at all incompatible with that 50th birthday that is on the horizon. ”

“Don’t be cool to your kids about drugs. Do not tell them you take them. Do not be of those parents who openly let their children get into “

A lot of people may find it hard to see people over 50 going out partying as if there was no tomorrow. But the rest of the things middle-aged people do, he says, are not much better: “Many things look better when you’re young. I’m not sure that seeing someone 54 years of ecstasy is much worse than seeing someone of the same age riding a 3,000-pound bike or swimming in a pool. Plus, when you get older you can go out to good restaurants and private clubs, and you can afford the good things. ”

You can continue to party until the body tells you enough. Only thing you must be careful is not to know people, especially if you have children: “Do not be cool with your kids about drugs. Do not tell them you take them. Don’t behave like those parents who openly let their children drink Alcohol. And, For God’s Sake, Don’t Drink With Your Kids, Even if They Are Under 18. Drugs are like porn. You should inform your children about the risk of falling into it, but you should never share it with them, in any sense. ”

Tamayo Recalls, “Any Person at any Age is Susceptible to Develop a Dependency on Psychoactive Substances.” & IT does not seem a good idea to become a coffin at the age of 50.

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