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Pilates from A to Z: What it Consists Of and How to Start Practicing it

Pilates from A to Z What it Consists Of and How to Start Practicing it

It erupted strongly a few years ago, and since then this method is a must for tens of thousands of people who practice it every day with the aim of feeling good about themselves and staying in shape. You want to try? Here you have everything you need to know about Pilates.

Pilates was known as “the gymnastics of the famous”. It was a few years ago when we started to hear about celebrities like Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster, Umea Thurman or Penelope Cruz were fervent practitioners. But what made this practice so special? This method was born almost a century ago; it was in the 1920’s when the German Joseph Pilates, rickety, asthmatic and rheumatic, sought the solution to improve his physical condition.

In the midst of his anatomical and historical investigations as well as through several therapeutic experiences (Joseph Pilates was a military doctor during World War I) and sports (yoga, gymnastics, bodybuilding, dance …) Pilates was born, a global method Of physical fitness and mental unique in its kind. In principle it was a practice of worship in the world of dance, but soon was made known to the general public. And is that its benefits go far beyond those of any sport.

The Basic Idea of ​​Pilates

If the classic gym sessions are ineffective is because the exercises are poorly performed. The idea of ​​the Pilates method is to better know our body in order to make the most of each movement in order to make the right muscles work. Put another way, relax your tense muscles and tone your relaxed muscles.

The basic principles of Pilates are:

  • Relaxation: Each workout begins with relaxation in order to release the muscles dominated by your tension (shoulders, neck …) and work relaxed muscles.
  • Concentration: The Pilates method is good for the body and for the mind. To be effective, it is essential to concentrate on each movement.
  • Breathing: Breathing deeply by fully opening the rib cage allows better mobility of the body.
  • Alignment: Proper placement of the pelvis and spine is essential in order to avoid muscle imbalances and strains.
  • Find the center: The notion of “energy center”, region between the hips and the rib cage, The heart of Pilates. From this zone must start each movement? In practice, it is a question of systematically inserting the belly to put the deepest abs.
  • Coordination and fluency: To be Effective, Movements must be carried out with precision and mastery. Each exercise is repeated a few times, but must be done to perfection.

Pilate’s Exercises

The Pilates method comprises more than 500 exercises and some are practiced with apparatus or objects. Contrary to traditional devices. Pilates work all the muscles at once and in this way develop, stretch and increase their endurance. These machines are very useful at first to assimilate the movements. Do not forget that the Pilates coach is there to guide the student and correct their postures.

The method also includes exercises in the ground, usually effective in group sessions. Once assimilated, the student can reproduce the exercises alone, at home. Here we leave you with some of the most typical Pilates exercises … Here you will find, for example, the classic fit ball or ball to do gymnastics, although if you want to practice at home or on your own, you will see that with your body is more than enough .

The Benefits of Pilates

They are numerous and specific: a firmer belly, more muscular arms and shoulders, a thinner waist, firmer thighs, better posture, more lightness.But what really sets Pilates apart from other disciplines is Attention to our breathing. It brings global benefits much more transcendental than being more or less fit: less stress, more energy, a feeling of general well-being … If you want to discover a few more benefits, do not miss this article. And you, what are you waiting for to aim at discovering for yourself all that this method can offer you?

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