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Quince , The Traditional Medicine Super-Food of Autumn

The Quince tree, Cydonia Oblonga, is a tree of the same Family as apples, with Pale Pink Flowers, Which When Ripened Produce Yellowish-Green Fruit and Covered By Fuzz.

Traditional Benefits and Properties

  • It is low in calories, a medium-sized raw Per-Piece has 52 calories
  • A quince provides 23% of the CDR Vitamin C (13.8 mg)
  • High fiber content, in the form of Pectin and Mucilage’s, in Addition to Tannin’s, which act as astringents in Diarrhea, Nausea and Vomiting
  • It has a high content of Malic acid, a Natural Diuretic that helps reduce uric acid
  • It is a Good Digestive and Hepatic Regulator
  • Rich in Potassium and Iron

Did you know…?

Quince Jelly is Traditionally Used to Stop Diarrhea Because of Its Astringent Properties.


Soak seed water is used to relieve Comedones or pimples that come out after Depilation and to soften rough areas of skin.

In the Mediterranean Culture the Quince-Fruits Which are Placed in the Cabinets Because They Last a Long Time Without Softening and They Give off a Pleasant Aroma.

In ancient Greece, honeymooners were made to Eat, Before The Wedding Night because they are considered the fruit of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fecundity.

How to Eat Quince?

When thinking of it, we usually think of Meat or sweet because the fresh fruit is hard and leathery and disappoints in spite of its good smell. Except  you have diarrhea, it is not a suggested fruit to eat in raw. To take advantage of the Quince season, Apart from making the traditional preserved , add chopped Quince-Fruit to your canned summer fruit jam, its pectin content makes it thicker and gives it a special sweet touch.

Since Quince-Tree is a family of pears and apples, try substituting recipes with apples and pears with quince. For example, you can make roasted Quinces, baking the seedless halves with a spoonful of water and honey. Or the wealthy Cake with Apple Pie Recipe, In which you have to Add a Layer of Thin Slices of Quinces. The recipe of pears to the wine can serve to make quinces to the wine. And if you have more time, you can even make quince liqueur with the traditional recipe with classic syrup and some type of liquor like Pomace.

Meat or Quince Jam, Natural Energy Bar

quince meat

Quince-Meat has been a source of glucose “concentrated and easy to carry”. The cyclists of the time of Bahamontes already had It in aluminum to get rid of the Dreaded “Pajara”, despite the risk of tightening the jersey well! Now we are lucky to have energy bars that are cleaner, but not always so good. If you have problems with the scale or the control of blood glucose, you should not abuse This Meat Recipe, because the calorie value of a Medium Quince goes from 52 calories per 100 grams to no less than 451 calories to 100 grams Of Sweet, but in moderation. What is Clear is that This Recipe Natural is a Traditional Dessert or Snack that can be made and kept at Home Easily.

If you dare to try to make This Recipe and you stay with “want more” to apply it to another recipe, we propose some Quince-Rolls and cinnamon. A very homemade sweet to fall yielded before a very natural dessert with which also you will not pass with the calories.


Another suggestion for the Lovers of these Homemade sweets with Pistachios, Perfect with a Piece of Fresh Cheese on top, to Replenish “Sweetly” after a Training Session.

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