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Reduce The Risk of Dying From Cancer With Easiest Ways

It is Easier Than You Think to Reduce Your Risk of Dying From Cancer.

Now..! What We Have To Do ??

Two and a half hours of physical activity per week are enough, say, British researchers, download the Guardian. But stresses: sport does not banish disease, but reduces the risk. It is true, it significantly diminishes!

Scientists conducted the study, Teachers in Britain, Canada, Norway and Australia, examined the Health of Men and Women. Over 40 years enrolled in six studies, subjects improved their health after He began to make sport. Note that people decided to change their lifestyle, to begin to move, after the outbreak of public information campaigns, supported by the government. The centerpiece of the research is scientific proof, biochemical that physical activity, i.e. 5 rounds of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week partially offset the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, particularly in cancers. How Britain is a civilized country, study the effects will not remain in the drawer.

Fitness Trainers and Physical Education Teachers will transform into vehicles propagation study. And some will assume this mission very famous British pubs. The campaign will be to discourage drinking, not a blow to trade, but to encourage them to citizens who drink alcohol to be more active, to do sport. According to doctors, alcohol is a terribly stressful for the body: voltage the increase in blood pressure and releases lipids, sugars, cortisone.

Symptoms  of Cancer

For removal of alcohol, the body uses more energy, which would be more useful in organ function. For instance, alcohol metabolism in the liver “Steal” 80% of its necessary oxygen. But those who suffer most are the heart and the nerve cells, which have the highest consumption of oxygen. Cosmo on an empty stomach, alcohol leads to malnutrition because the body is deprived of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

In addition, excess ethanol impairs the small intestine to absorb vitamins. Not least, lead to gastric and duodenal inflammation increases the risk of Esophageal Cancer. Which Promotes Heart muscle illness and lead to cirrhosis, pancreatitis, diabetes, strokes and myocardial.

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