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Why do Relationship Make Us Gain Weight? The 7 Reasons

Why do Relationship Make Us Gain Weight 7 Reasons

“Bacon Relationship: it is said of that relationship in which both sides of the couple are in a loop of carbohydrates and long sessions of movies on the couch they are not able to leave.” This Definition, Irrational and Assuredly Realistic, could be applied to numerous couples. Surely you come to mind some (wink, wink), but the fact is that happens to almost everyone. Suddenly, you do not know very well how, you have gained some kilo since you are with your boy. But do you want us to explain it to you? And you want to know how to avoid it? Take note!

Do you live every day as if you were flying over the rainbow in a pink unicorn next to your boy? Congratulations, you’re in love! But love, when it is reciprocated, sometimes leads to an inevitable increase in weight that makes us think that we are not going to like our boy so much (foolishness!) Or makes us worry about not seeing as well as before. Why does this happen? We explained it to you.

1. We Trust in Our Relationship

It happens to us, and it happens to them too: we see our new relationship as something secure and we are no longer too concerned that the rest of the world sees us attractive. And then, we neglected something more of the account. In this case, the best advice we can give you is: the important thing is that you look good with yourself; you do not have to be perfect for others! So if you look good you, go ahead.

2. Compliments of Him to You and Vice Versa

Compliments of Him To You And Vice Versa

Our Mr. Perfect loves us so much that he will give us just the way we are. Every day he fills us with beautiful words and you to him too. And when you sit down together you’ll want to look happy eating that brownie or that last piece of pizza.

In fact, he’s going to insist that we finish the whole plate, even urging us to order dessert again and again.

Maybe he has a more grateful metabolism, but if it is not your case and you want to take more care of the line, remembers to stop eating when you are no longer hungry. Most of the time, we are already satiated for dessert, but we ask for more out of sheer craving or because we eat with our eyes…

So much as you think you are in one of these films living the most romantic story of the universe, do not eat up to the credit titles!

3. Complexes Decrease

When we gain confidence with our boy, our complexes gradually diminish. Because the complexes are in our mind and not in our physical and, by the time your relationship is consolidated, he will have made you see how much you turn him on, he has already seen you naked and you will know that you continue to like him as much or more.

In a relationship, everything becomes easier. And as we feel safer with ourselves we take more liberties with meals and may be lazier to exercise. Even though it is a very comfortable attitude and he makes you feel like he is wonderful, remember that you will want to be with him for many years, so keep looking after yourself!

4. Goodbye To The Time To Practice Sport

Goodbye To The Time To Practice Sport

Suddenly you want to spend all your time with your boy and that forces you to get rid of other activities … Incidentally, the gym is always the first thing to fall off the list! It is totally logical, who wants to kill himself to run when he can be on a terrace taking something with him?

In this sense, the solution is very clear: do sport with it. There are numerous activities that you can do as a couple and they can become the most fun plans, such as running, tennis, hiking … But if you do not like it too much, there is a much easier alternative. You can take long walks with him, go to the pool one day and swim for a while or, best of all, have sex. Everything is for the sport.

You can also share a playlist with songs to run synchronized and equally motivated … Surely that extra point of rapport helps!

5. Dinners, Dinners And More Dinners

And when they are not dinners, they are meals or snacks. Go to restaurants or to charming bars with your guy will happen to be one of your favorite activities. Italian, hamburgers, French, Japanese … In a short time you will be an expert in the culinary offer of your city and surroundings. In this case, you will be compensated if you are interested in taking care of the line. Choose from the lightest menu options, choose entree salad or accompaniment instead of chips, prepare a healthy dinner at home … It will not be for lack of opportunities!

6. The Couch, The Third Part of The Relationship

The Couch, The Third Part of The Relationship

When you are immersed in a relationship, the only thing you fancy on many occasions is to cuddle with your boy on the sofa with a few movies or series and a good bowl of popcorn and nuts. We know the pleasure it causes, so we will never tell you not to do it or we may blame you for doing so, but do not let it become the habit of every weekend. Because we know love movies are a bane … But you have to learn to control it.

Plan trips to villages around you. Days in the open-air mountains or, simply, take one day to the trail, to that solidarity market. That you have placed in your neighborhood or to take a walk in the Central Market. Moving!

7. Holidays Full of Amenities

Sometimes, when we are in a couple, we get used to a luxury vacation. Expensive hotels, renowned restaurants, sun and beach days … These quieter plans make us move less and, therefore, tend to be a help Extra to catch some extra kilo.

When you go with your friends on vacation is different. There is always a friend who cares more about eating something healthy and also party to dance and burn some of the excesses of the trip … But with your boy, just lie in the bed can be the perfect plan.

That’s why our advice is to enjoy your partner to the fullest. But also to learn to take care of yourself, rather than to like others or enter a 38. Because doing some sports and eating healthy is the key to live many years and enjoy your partner all the time in the world. And that makes up for it, we assure you.

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