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Running Stimulates Your Brain, Reveals University of Arizona

Running Stimulates Your Brain

It is Incredible that the Same brain that treasures our favorite moments, the names and faces of our loved ones, and the taste of our favorite dishes can also have room for social event talk. So, Start Running to Maintain Active memory is key to life. Recent studies have shed light on some simple ways to improve the power of remembering.

One of the best moments of running is the euphoric feeling you have when you are in the middle of the exercise when your feet feel floating on the ground and you can almost feel the air passing by the side. It turns out that not everything is in the mind.

Researcher of The University of Arizona Release A Report

There was a Lot Of Researches done to Show How Physical Activity Affects The Brain Positively But most of the studies carried out over the past 15 years involve older adults.

The primary purpose of leptin is to regulate energy reserves. In previous studies, researchers have found that levels of this hormone fluctuate in people suffering from obesity, Famine, Sleep Hardship & Sentimental stress. However, when it is in motion, Canadian researchers say, leptin levels may fall and “send a signal of hunger to the brain’s pleasure center to generate the reward effects it produces to run.”

In a recent study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, Stephanie Fulton and her co-authors at the University of Montreal establish physiological parallels between people seeking the positive effects of running and the reasons they eat when they are hungry.

In a mouse experiment, researchers compared normal rodents to those that were genetically modified to not have a leptin-sensitive protein called STAT3, which relies on a signal of that hormone to release dopamine.

The normal mice ran about six kilometers a day in the wheel of their cage. But the genetically modified almost doubled, about 11 kilometers per day.

The new study joins previous research with humans showing that low levels of leptin are associated with exercise addiction and fast marathon times.

Fulton writes that while leptin is probably not the only thing that controls the thrill of running, the study “suggests that people with lower fat-adjusted leptin levels, such as high-level marathon runners, could potentially be more susceptible For the purposes of reward of running and for that reason they are more inclined to the exercise “.

Walking Also Makes Good

Walking is one of the easiest physical activities to do and one of the most accessible for most people. Also, it’s free.

As little as 150 minutes of brisk walking, a week or other moderately intense physical exercise can reduce risk factors that lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease such as blood pressure and obesity.

Walking is also associated with a better quality of Life And Improved Mental and Emotional Health.

A Delegate for the United States Public Health Organization has a lower risk of injury than other more intense exercises and can be done during the daily routine of each.

In 2010, more than 60% of the adult population said they had walked for 10 or more minutes until their transportation or just for pleasure during the past week, According to Murthy. Walking also Build Up Social Relationships Among Those who Accompany This activity.

The spokesperson also recommended “walking meetings”, using the stairs whenever possible and taking a break from work to walk with the partners.

At home, a good option is to go for a walk with the couple to talk about the day, instead of chatting in the armchair of the home.

Run well

According to The Britain National Health Services:

Look forward, about 30 or 40 meters, and not at your feet.

Keep your shoulders and hands relaxed. Regarding the arms, keep them at a 90-degree angle.

Tilt your torso slightly forward and keep your hips steady.

Do not raise your knees too much and try to support the middle of the foot every time you step on it. Try to take short, light steps.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically.

Running Barefoot

We have known for a long time that exercising the body also exercises the brain. But it turns out that taking off your shoes – or at least paying attention to where your feet are placed – can improve memory.

A group of researchers at the University of North Florida tested working memory – that is, a memory that goes beyond rote memorization and requires connecting separate pieces of knowledge – to 72 people before and after running. Some ran with their shoes on and others were asked to remove them. A subgroup of the participants received even more instructions, which asked them to go through certain points of the route, effectively forcing them to pay attention to where they steered the soles of their feet.

The researchers found that barefoot runners with indicated trajectory showed a 16% improvement in working memory. This was not the case in all other cases. According to Tracy Packiam Alloway, a professor of psychology at the university and the author of this paper, this effect can be a result of the combination of increased blood flow produced by running and the forced approach that comes from having to follow a punctual path.

Go Outdoors

In a Late 2008 studies, Researchers At the University of Michigan Determined that People Who went outdoors and walked parks or other natural environments showed an improvement in their cognitive functions – including memory – compared to those who spent all their time in a city.

Researchers Speculate That This Effect Comes from the care that is required to navigate in an urban environment safely (paying attention to passing cars, for example), which makes it difficult for the brain to relax and recover energies.

The most striking finding of the study: this restoration effect does not even require leaving home, as it was discovered that simply showing photographs of nature rather than urban environments to participants would meet the same goal. One more reason to decorate the office or put as wallpaper background photos of your last vacation.

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