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6 Mistakes That Damage Your Skin
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8 Bad Habits to be Avoided, Because They Makes Your Skin Look Older

There are Some Bad Beauty Habits that Give Your Skin Immediately a Few More Years. That’s What They are & How to Correct Them.

There are bad habits that repeat on a daily basis and that make you look older now. That’s what they are and how unhinge effortlessly.

  1. Brush Your Hair The Wrong Way.

    Do not brush your hair when it is too wet, because then the hair stretch and are more prone to breakage. Moreover, if they were tangled, do not brush from the roots to the tips but taken from the bottom upwards, unraveling gradually small areas. This way it does not damage the keratin.

  1. Do not Remove Make-up Before Going to Bed.

    This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt, which can cause oxidative damage, aging and wrinkles. Just a couple of minutes to remove the make-up. The idea is to use coconut oil which is also nourishing and smoothing.

  1. Staying in The Shower Too Long.

    This makes dehydrate the skin, especially in winter. Reduce the time of the shower and nourish the body with coconut oil or a natural moisturizer.

  1. Wear Too Much Makeup.

    Unless it’s Halloween, less is better. Remember: if not biological make-up is full of harmful substances to the skin which can also be absorbed systemically (like Parabens and SLS) that are toxic to our body. Also choose products without silicones and petrolatum allowing your skin to breathe.

  1. Rubbing Eyes.

    It is tempting to do especially when you are tired and you spend so many hours in front of the PC, but this damages the delicate skin around them, promoting wrinkles and bags. Rather than rub, use artificial tears without preservatives and sprinkles on the face thermal water or flower distillates.

  1. Drink a Little Water.

    The skin hydrated is the Skin Happy. Moisturize from the inside out, adding lemon juice to the water, it will give you a boost of vitamin C, which is also a great reformer of the skin because it helps form collagen.

  1. Eat a Few Good Fats.

    Good fats such as omega-3 fatty flax seeds or salmon, coconut oil and avocado make the skin smoother and brighter. A low-fat diet, in contrast, will dry the skin making it more wrinkled.

  1. Do Not Take Collagen.

    With age, the skin loses collagen and, therefore, begins to yield. A daily dose of broth of bone or high quality collagen powder will restore tone and vigor to the tissues.

Dr Serena Missori Md LCSW (SKIN)

Dr. Serena Missori, MD, LCSW

Dr. Serena Missori, a Surgeon, a Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Anti-aging Medicine, Headache, Nutrition Psycho-Biotipizzata, Author, among other things, of “Train, Eat & Smile”.

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