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Healthy Tips For The Care Of Your Dry Skin

Proper cleaning of the skin requires an understanding of how that works the skin, as there are many skin care myths about the largest organ of the body. We have good news for you. The dry skin care is simple. In fact, it’s right on time, which is necessary for proper skin care. Purification of dry skin requires careful and patient, and to tune to external factors such as climate. In the article we will focus on skin cleansing tips to soothe and nourish dry skin.

Gentle Exfoliation

One of the most common myths about skin care is that dry skin is very sensitive to exfoliation. Instead, however, you can and should exfoliate. Only do-it gently. The shedding of dead skin cells can stimulate circulation, promoting the health of the whole organism.

If you have dry skin put aside rough brushes and scrub hard. Instead of this, use a gently exfoliating, like a grater bath, a brush with natural hair or a shower gel containing microgranules. You can also use a scrub with salt-based or sugar, but add a softener, such as olive oil, mineral oil or petrolatum, so that the grains do not scratch the skin or remove fat between skin layers . When you leave the bathroom, be careful when wiping your body. Rather than rub your skin with a towel wipe gently dabbing.

Dry Skin Choose The Right Cleanser

When we were children, we were told to wash ourselves until we become spotless and our skin glow. Unfortunately, many of us kept this misconception about skin care. To ” creak ” skin is not an indication that you do clean your skin properly. It is a symptom of removing all of the natural oils in the body.

Of course, you want to clean the dirt, bacteria and sweat, but your skin needs to retain a certain amount of fat and moisture. One of the tips for cleaning the skin you hear from experts is to use a facial cleanser for your face and a body soap or cleanser for your body.

It sounds obvious, but many use the same cleanser on the face and body for greater convenience. If you have dry skin is very important to use a specially formulated cleanser for your face. Choose one that is mild and moisturizing. For your body, a mild soap without perfume, is suitable.

Limit Your Bath Time

After a stressful day, there is nothing more relaxing than to soak in the tub or take a long, hot shower? If you have dry skin, you stay in the shower for a long time can cause more stress in the long term. Prolonged time in the bathroom can dry your skin even more. For this, limit the time you bathe, unless immersed in a pool of mineral oil or cream.

As we learned from the previous tip cleaning the skin, you will want to make your bath time to measure, using the proper skin cleanser. Dampen your skin, then apply soap or cleanser with your hand or a grater. Rinse within 1-2 minutes and exit the water within 10 minutes. Some experts in skin care are not staying in the water for more than 3 minutes.

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Dry Skin Stimulation

After you rinse your cleaner and dab your skin with a towel, it is a good idea to spread a toner to close the pores. If you omit this step can break blackheads and even dry skin. Doctors and beauty experts recommend that you incorporate a toner into your daily cleansing routine.

There are many toning lotion on the market to choose from, but if you have dry skin, you should pay attention to the ingredients. If your skin sometimes looks like the Sahara, you probably have been told to avoid products that contain alcohol, but this is not necessarily good advice. While it is true that alcohol removes moisture from your skin, other alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, are suitable for dry skin. Some people choose toning lotion containing witch hazel, an astringent that contains no alcohol.

Liquid Part

If you live somewhere humid, to consider yourself lucky. This is the ideal climate to clean and care for dry skin. But even if you live near the north pole, you can create a damp to clean your skin. Simply open the shower or fill the bathtub with warm water and keep the bathroom door closed to trap moisture in the area. That way, you can keep as much moisture in your skin. Remember to reduce the time your skin is submerged or exposed to water. So, spend a few minutes in space.


Whichever skin type and you need to moisturize. This is another field that displays the myths about skin care. Some people think that skin water spray bottle counted as hydration, but when the water evaporates removes moisture from the skin.

As with skin cleansers, you can search for specific moisturizers for dry skin. The hydrating dry skin often contains emollients such as ceramides, olive oil or mineral oil and petrolatum. These components seal the natural skin oils while creating a protective layer on the surface. This barrier will prevent swelling, harmful bacteria and viruses and will give your skin a healthy glow.

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