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9 Tips to Make Your Hair Color (Coloration) Last Longer

9 Tips to Make Your Hair Color (Coloration) Last Longer

We Left The Hairdresser Delighted with Our Coloration And Its Vibrant Reflections. However, After A Couple Of Washes Seems To Have Faded And There Is No Trace Of That Beautiful Hair Color That You Chose In Your Salon. Does It Ring You? Following These Simple Tips Will Never Happen To You Again.

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Dyeing Your Hair (Either At Home Or In The Salon) And See How The Original Hair Color lasts less in your head the idea to resume your subscription to the gym is something that not only we do not like, but we also annoys. To avoid this , we give a series of tips that will make your Hair Color Last Longer . We Make Sure They Work!

1. Hydration, Hydration And Hydration

The first advice we will give you is to keep your hair well hydrated. A dry hair is dull hair, and the colors will not look as vibrant as the day you applied the dye. The ideal? Make a moisturizing treatment at home once a week (with a mask or oil) and every now and then a professional at your hairdresser. Thus, your mane will not have anything to envy those of these celebrities.

2. Keratin, The Most Coveted Ingredient

When it comes to maintaining hair color, it is important that any of the products that you apply in your care routine contain keratin. This ingredient helps to keep the cuticle sealed, so the hair is smoother and the color has much more durability.

3. The Last Rinse Always With Cold Water

When you wash your hair at home, remember to always do the last rinse with cold water. The hot water opens the cuticle, but if we do not seal it before leaving the shower, the hot air from the dryer or the styling tools will remove all the hydration of the hair fiber, and it will be as if we had not applied any moisturizing product. The result? A matte and dull hair. And we do not want that, do we?

4. Uses Specific Hair Color Products

The shampoos and conditioners specially indicated for colored hair are the only ones that carry in their formulation ingredients that help to counteract the effects of the oxidation of the air, and therefore to maintain the color for a longer time.

5. Always Wear Thermal Protector

The Thermal Protector is essential every time you use The Dryer or any other heat tool. As its name suggests, it is a product that protects the hair from the aggression caused by heat, including loss of color.

6. Not Without My Sun Protection

9 Tips to Make Your Hair Color (Coloration) Last Longer

If you live on a coastal site where the weather is nice all year round and you like to enjoy the sun both in summer and winter, it is essential that you use a capillary sunscreen when exposed to UV rays, and maintain a routine of Care after it.

7. Do Not Spend Too Much Time Between Coloring And Coloring

Although you do not have gray hairs or a root that dye, for example you have an easy to maintain coloration as a balayage, if you want the color intensity to be maintained, you can not miss many months between retouching and retouching, That you take care of your mane, no color lasts forever.

8. Avoid Deep Cleansing Shampoos

In addition to turning off the color immediately, these types of shampoos dry your hair too much, so your coloration will last two washes at most.

9. Choose Trusted Centers And Products

9 Tips to Make Your Hair Color (Coloration) Last Longer

Whether you dye at home or prefer to go to your hairdresser’s trust, always choose products and centers that use quality materials. Those of dubious origin can not only be harmful to your hair, but their power of fixing the color is much less.

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