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The Advice: Why I have Trouble Losing Weight?


Hi everyone, I’ve been running for a couple of years ago but I’ve never taken seriously, But having Trouble Losing Weight or No Dramatic Changes so my weight has been up and down. A couple of months I’m tired of this situation and gave me an ultimatum, or definitely stopped running and used the time on other things, or did seriously to lose weight and improve what has been achieved so far.

Since then I am running about 30 km per week in three days since my time Nothing more, this week I uploaded a couple of kilometers per session. Besides take seriously what I’ve also run about three weeks of salads for lunch and 
steaks turkey or tuna for dinner, I have also increased the daily dose of fruit.

I notice now thinner, legs, arms, abdomen, me I look better and I notice that my clothes are looser. I am weighing every 15 days, and although it is not long since I’ve taken seriously at first lost two kilos (in a month) but I reweighed and I’ve taken one. All this with the scale I have in my house, because this week I went to the pharmacy and weighing three kilos. I wonder if this is normal, because they do not know what deceives me, or my face or the scale.


Hello, don’t worry because if you lose volume and not lose weight is that you are losing weight well, gaining muscle mass and losing fat. It is important to always weigh yourself on the same scale, better if you do it with one that also measure the percentage of fat and muscle, are a bit more expensive but worth the investment. So you can check with certainty that even if your weight has stalled, you’re gaining muscle mass and losing fat, which is what really matters. Muscle mass weighs more than fat and therefore not low weight, but has several advantages: it increases your basal metabolic rate so you burn more calories at rest and also makes you slimmer and feel better.

Congratulations because running is the best way to lose weight without regaining weight and eating well. Luck.

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