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Yoga in the Family the Brilliant Method of a Mother to Initiate her Children

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This mother demonstrates how she has united and improved her two greatest passions: Her children and the practice of Yoga.

Maintaining a consistent yoga practice can be challenging, especially when you have children. Why not combine the two?

Benefits of Yoga

That is what the American Charity Grace LeBlanc most probably thought. A modern mom assiduous to the sport that has decided not to give up the benefits of yoga and, instead, to complement it with its more maternal side.

This young, faithful defender of a mother should not lose her worries after giving birth. Shows us that it is not only possible but recommendable, to complement both facets. Although the main difficulty is to keep the concentration and get the attention of the little ones. As they go through the sessions, they can adapt to the routine. Incorporating it into their daily routine and discovering the benefits.

“When they were babies they hypnotized them to see how the movements made.”

They, who for now only value the time of practice as a period intended for the game, are slowly discovering and experiencing in the first person the health benefits of practicing the sport.

My Daughter is developing her Gross motor-Skills & also my son is learning to believe me, in controlling muscles, for her age, LeBlanc says.

“They are learning to be strong and healthy while having fun.”

Of course, for her there are also great advantages: “I have to work on myself but now I can stay fit and play with my kids at the same time.”


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